Saturday, 19 October 2013 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT) at Startup Edmonton.

The first in a series of hands-on Design Labs that bring people together to address themes in design with Carmen Douville and Chelsea Boos.

Local creatives from every field of design are invited to engage in this hands-on workshop that bridges diverse methodologies, mediums and theories. Atelier is a rare chance to explore the collaborative process, openly experiment with different modes of creation, and exercise your design muscles with your fellow maker.

Increasingly in contemporary design, innovation happens as a consequence of collaboration and dialogue. Cultivation of creative engagement and meaningful relationships is at the heart of Atelier. The day's activities (as well as coffee breaks!) are planned to bring people together to talk about design in a fresh new way that reinvigorates our practice and breaks down silos of experience.

What we will be doing

An overall theme will drive discussion while providing a jumping off point for exploration. The program will be broken up into open-ended sessions informed by participants' ideas and skills that emerge in small group exchanges. Atelier aims to give momentum to ideas and emphasize putting those ideas in action through visualization, modeling, and physical creation. Beginning with a loose agenda, individuals will come away with specific points of inquiry, project ideas, or fully formed solutions by the end of the day.

Who should come

All types of curious and creative people from every discipline should attend, including but not limited to, graphic designers, furniture makers, urban planners, architects, industrial designers, user-experience designers, etc. A diversity of perspectives will make a richer experience for everyone and give each of us the opportunity to look outside our everyday practice and share processes and ideas.

What to bring

Come prepared with an open heart, your thinking cap and any trusty design tools you like. If you're like us, you probably haven't touched those fancy markers, mat board, scissors, paper, foam core, Lego, fabric, glue gun, and utility knife in too long, so this is your excuse to use them. Things are bound to get passed around, so make sure to label your things so they find their way back home.

About the organizers

Carmen Douville is a designer, urbanist, geographer and engager. Recently she completed her Masters of Science at the University of Edinburgh in Environment, Culture and Society, researching the affects of sustainable behaviour through public objects. Along with three partners, Carmen founded Loyal Loot Collective, an internationally recognized furniture and accessories company. Carmen is currently working with the public sector and various non-profit organizations in encouraging livable cities and urban/public engagement.

Chelsea Boos is an artist and designer who has spent the last five years doing her part to make her hometown a more creative and interesting place to live through community projects like the LIVINGbridge, Dirt City:Dream City, and Colour Alley, winner of an Urban Design Award in 2011. She is the creator of Back Words, a weekly column about visual culture and the urban environment, published by Vue and BlackFlash Magazine.