• City of Calgary Municipal Building (map)
  • 800 Macleod Trail SE
  • Calgary, AB, T2G 5E6
  • Canada

This 2 day course is designed to bring transportation and public health professionals up to date with the latest research and practice on:
- cyclists' needs and issues
- benefits of cycling
- cycling safety
- facilities that encourage cycling
- planning and designing safe and comfortable bicycle facilities
- implementation measures

The course will equip participants with the skills needed to develop and promote cycling infrastructure that is attractive and convenient for people of all ages and abilities, and will focus on three facility types shown to be the best to motivate cycling and increase safety, cycle tracks, bicycle boulevards, and off-street pathways.

Course Topics 
Part 1 Introduction and Context
Part 2 Network Planning 
Part 3 Facility Selection
Part 4 Facilities for Busy Streets
Part 5 Facilities for Quiet Streets 
Part 6 Off-Street Facilities
Part 7 Intersections
Part 8 Implementation

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