Call for Entries

This exciting competition is open to all AAA Interns, and RAIC Intern members located in Alberta. Competition entries are invited from individuals and from teams.

We now are seeking new and innovative proposals for a 2015 Urban Marker to be displayed at 2015 RAIC / AAA Festival of Architecture.

The design criteria for the 2015 Marker are as follows;

It should be:

  • striking and inspiring in its formal and material constitution
  • visible, both by day or by night
  • able to incorporate a limited amount of text, logos, and color(s)
  • easy to transport
  • easy to assemble and to take down
  • able to withstand Calgary summer weather (sunshine, rain, wind, snow, etc.)
  • and have a shelf life (ie., easy to store, transport, assemble again) to exceed the RAIC Festival. (It is expected that Beakerhead will incorporate the event marker on an on-going basis for future events, ie. 4 year minimum).
  • And it could be many other things ….