• Churchill Square
  • Edmonton
  • Canada

We extend an invitation to participate in connecting with the community through a celebration of the local independent film industry. Start the evening with a Pop-up Picnic and Silent Auction at Churchill Square before sauntering down to the pedway entrance of the main branch of the Edmonton Public Library and into the Milner Library Theatre for two hours of cinematic genius. The event will start with a brief speech to introduce the film makers and describe the work they are generously sharing for the evening, and it will culminate in the presentation of Void Media’s debut concert film Ladies and Gentleman: The Frolics featuring the talent of The Frolics. For those cinema goers who are of legal age, end the evening with a nightcap, a chat with the filmmakers, and free entry between 9-10pm to Improv Burlesque a la Carté at Britanny’s Lounge just off Churchill Square with the presentation of a Featurette Film Fête ticket stub.

Advanced Tickets are on sale via TIX on the Square