• Centennial Plaza (map)
  • 100 Street NW and 101a Avenue NW
  • Edmonton AB
  • Canada

#Makescape is on Saturday October 5, 3 - 11 pm in Centennial Plaza, behind Stanley A. Milner Library

The October 5th #makescape is an event that will highlight design by combining small scale urban installations with amazing programming. Pecha Kucha 17 (PKN 17), hosted at the nearby Winspear, will be streamed live and projected onto screens in downtown Edmonton’s Centennial Plaza. The plaza opens at 3 with installations under construction, food is on site at 4:30 onward, and the programming starts at 6:15 with a movie short.

#makescape will have dj’s from pixel blue digital college, interactive video installations from synced media, food from local vendors, and various creative installations by designers from M.A.D.E. (Media Architecture Design Edmonton).

Makescape is a collaborative project between Designing Downtown, M.A.D.E. and NextGen Edmonton

Adopt a Grass tile: In exchange for a $15 dollar donation to MADE, you can now adopt a grass tile at Makescape 2.0 contact: info@cmvhdesign.com for more information.

*Note for the day of, please dress warmly and bring a chair to sit on if you are going to view the Pecha Kucha from Centennial Plaza