• Sir Winston Churchill Square (map)
  • 9918 102 Ave NW
  • Edmonton, AB, T5J 5H7
  • Canada

MADE, in partnership with The Works Festival, will once again be hosting the annual Street Furniture Competition on Saturday, June 27. Teams of 2 to 4 people will spend the day designing and building usable pieces of furniture at Churchill Square. The competition is open for everyone to attend and see the creative process in action!

The main competition rules remain the same from previous years and the participants will be using only hand tools to build the furniture (no power tools). This year, we have a couple of changes:

  • The competition will now start at 10 a.m. and end at 6 p.m.
  • Prior to the competition date, teams will be required to submit a sketch of their intended concept. The sketch will be displayed alongside the team's work area to help the audience visualize what is being built, and will serve as a tally sheet for people's choice votes. Depending on what resources are available, the original concept may change throughout the day - it's a fun surprise! The last day to submit a sketch is Wednesday, June 24.

We are also happy to announce that for this year's competition, we have partnered with the City of Edmonton's CITYlab to provide a new and exciting way to showcase your finished furniture pieces. CITYlab, along with the Old Strathcona Foundation, are inviting Street Furniture teams to display their work on Whyte Avenue as part of a public place-making project, starting in early July. More details to come at a later time. 

This year's theme is "Making Space". Please keep that in mind when you're designing - the judges will be looking for it!

To register for this year's Street Furniture Competition, please click here.

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