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  • 2 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue
  • Edmonton, AB, T5J
  • Canada

Join us for an evening with Montreal based Architect Anne Cormier as part of the CITY IMAGE Presentation Series.

Anne Cormier is co-founder of Atelier Big City (Cormier, Cohen, Davies, Architects), a group of Montreal architects well known for the quality of their work in it's ability to revive urban spaces and transform new spaces. Founded in 1987, Atelier Big City received the Prix de Rome in Architecture from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Governor General’s medal and the grand prize in architecture from the Ordre des architectes du Québec.

Anne's lecture will touch on the five elements of the City Image with a particular focus on building the big city on all scales. 

The City Image is defined by Lynch's Five Elements:

  • Paths - The streets, sidewalks, trails, canals, and all other channels in which people travel

  • Edges - Boundaries, either either real or perceived, which include walls, buildings, shorelines, curbstone, streets, overpasses, etc.

  • Districts - Medium to large areas that are two-dimensional & have common identifying characteristics

  • Nodes - Large areas you can enter, serve as the foci of the city, neighborhood, district, & offers the person experiencing them multiple perspectives of the other core elements

  • Landmarks - Points of reference such as buildings, signs, stores, mountains, public art, or mobile points such as Sun

Cash bar reception to follow the event.