Danielle Soneff, Chair

Danielle Soneff is an industrial designer who has exhibited public art and social design projects through Edmonton. She is passionate about people-centred urban design and helping Edmontonians create initiatives and polices to build a better city.


Zac Atkinson, Vice Chair

Zac is a design and business professional that leads the development and improvement of products and services across various industries. As a long-term volunteer with MADE, Zac is committed to elevating Edmonton's design community through thoughtful and engaging events that showcase the value of design.


Marcela Garcia, Secretary

Marcela is a professional communicator that works as a content creator for a digital marketing agency in Edmonton. As someone who loves Edmonton, she wants to contribute to the betterment of this city in any way she can.


Kelsey Prud'homme, Treasurer

Kelsey is a designer and producer whose work focuses on looking to the future, fun, and human-centred interactivity.


Max Amerongen, Communications

Max Amerongen is an industrial designer and animator in Edmonton, and a past chair of MADE. He is passionate about building a better city through design. test test test test