In Situ: Iᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ (Indigenous Art Park)
2:00 PM14:00

In Situ: Iᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ (Indigenous Art Park)

Come to MADE's tour of the new Indigenous Art Park in the heart of the river valley. ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ includes new public art by 6 artists from across Canada. Join us as several artists and members of the curatorial team take us through the new park. Please RSVP on Eventbrite! 

In 2016, MADE hosted a panel at the AGA with a number of the artists and others involved in the project. This tour is an exciting follow-up to that event.

In Situ is an ongoing series in which we take design talks out of the lecture theatre and into the real world. 

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