The Chariot shall:

·         be able to carry the weight of a human adult in a standing position who will pilot the Chariot.

·         include the harness and hardware with which the sled is pulled by the Fatbikes (bikes will either ride side by        side or single file, depending on the design you choose), such as rope, belts or other types of fasteners.                  These shouldn’t alter or damage the Fatbike in anyway.

·         be able to be pulled by 2 Fatbikes on a predetermined out door course.

·         allow the rider on the sled to "kick" while on the sled to assist cyclists pulling

·         be able to withstand rough course conditions such as patches of ice, roots and sand/snow terrains.

·         be lit in some way – it will be dark during the finale of the race.

·         include recycled or repurposed components as much as possible (i.e. snow skis, glides, etc.).  But overall                structure shall be purpose built (please don’t submit your modified GT Snowracer as an entry).

·         optionally include a steering mechanism

·         be operated by a human adult designated by your team during the race.